Making decisions as a family can be time consuming, frustrating, and difficult for everyone to get a word in. No matter your family dynamic the Family Meeting Cards are designed to take the authority out of decision making and grants the whole family power to decide as a team! 


Family Meeting Cards are modeled after The Price Dynamic framework, promoting courage,  effective and open communication and self advocacy. Easy to follow process supporting you to get clarity and build confidence in your families ability to make decisions as a TEAM.

From chores, to curfew, to planning a family vacation, this guided process helps all family members have a voice and equal stake in the decision making process. 

In addition to guided prompts, this deck includes safety cards that support family members in taking a break, not being interrupted and much more. The Family Meeting Cards will help a family  dream up unique solutions to family matters all while creating memories!  

Identify the family matter.


“I engage my son in making decisions that involve him; this has helped him advocate for himself and develop negotiation skills.” -Alysha Price, creator

Engage in discussion.


“It’s easy to make decisions in isolation but the real work is in including those who the decision will impact.” -Alysha Price, creator

Make an informed decision. 


Every voice counts!

Each deck comes with action cards these prompt cards help to ensure that even your sometimes quite and introverted family members get a chance to join in on the fun.

Ready to open communication and change your family dynamic for the better? Get your Family Meeting Cards Today, and start discussing and working through family matters with an open mind!


Inspiring communication that supports cooperative co-parenting in those working to re-structure and define their family after dissolve of a relationship or marriage. Wired for social and academic success. Practices and methods in action by social systems support single parents rather than rebuilding the family as a unit. Resources are typically provided to women and children therefore alienating the father. The Price Dynamic is geared toward strengthening families of color and positively impacting social, health and educational outcomes for these families.